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Fashion Pop Up Shop Brings Students and Industry Together in Orange County

Pop-up shop is a term that everyone seems to be familiar with these days. We think of “Pop-Ups” being anything from a temporary retail space at the Farmer’s market, to food trucks, to now shipping containers being transformed into a retail clothing shopping space. It is a convenient solution to our hectic schedules. With “Pop-Ups” the shopping seemingly comes to us.

So, what is a “Pop-Up?”  A basic definition, temporary retail space located in high traffic areas, fits the exciting OCC Fashion Pop Up Shop, now approaching the one-year mark. “Pop-up” has come to Orange Coast College (OCC) in a major way, providing a dedicated space for students in the career education and business spaces to display their wares and engage in entrepreneurial projects.

Industry partners are working with OCC to provide product to fill pop-up space. One of the key outcomes is developing local business relationships with OCC and their students.  The innovative idea is based on a key tagline supported by Professor Michelle Craner: Show Me, Don’t Tell Me, building on her long experience in the fashion world and with industry partners in Orange County and beyond. 

“Students long for a genuine experience, taking their ideas and creativity to the next step, showcasing unique projects and merchandise, while learning critical business and entrepreneurship skills,” Craner said.  “Connecting with supporting brands and high-level brands located right here in the region provides a great opportunity for both developing skills and gaining an internship that can lead to employment and career development.”

The Pirate Pop-up (OCC) is a physical space called “The Box”, a type of container dressed up to combine industrial lines with modern chic. It is supported by Dean Lisa Knuppel (through leveraging funds from CCCCO Workforce/Economic Divisions’ Strong Workforce Program, LAOCRC and OCC Career Advantage).

“The student internship class will choose a student to intern for The Box, and they have access to all the industry partners,” said Knuppel. “It is a great new, innovative way to connect students to the industry and vice versa.”

The Box creates a special vibe and hip visual/physical reality for students to focus on projects that matter, learn from among the best in the business, gain experience that makes a difference in their career and job portfolio and actually launch a product and business. 

Watch this video to learn more about the OCC Pop Up Shop.


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