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The GIG Economy is Here and Community Colleges want GIGGERS to Aim for a Career

A GIG equals a freelancing job that Giggers can easily convert their skill set into a profitable revenue generating stream of income. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans now earn money from the digital "platform economy," according to the Pew Research Center. Most of that work is for domestic tasks, such as housecleaning and repairs, or driving for companies such as Uber.

What is the driver of this GIG revolution? Companies will do just about anything to avoid hiring full-time employees and there is no job security anymore with workers increasingly aware that they need to work differently if they want to create any sort of stability for themselves. "We're seeing only one trend here, which is that the gig economy is big and getting bigger," said Diane Mulcahy, a lecturer at Babson College and author of The Gig Economy.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest markets for specialized independent professionals like these with about 400,000 workers who collectively earned more than $18 billion last year, according to a study commissioned by freelance marketplace Fiverr from market research firm Rockbridge Association. Unsurprising for the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles has the greatest share of creative arts and performance professionals (composed of artists, writers, graphic designers, performers, and video and sound professionals) at more than 30 percent.

The Entrepreneur Network of Los Angeles, formed by 12 community colleges in Los Angeles County is hosting its second GIG event this year in downtown Los Angeles. The first GIG event was billed as GIG TO CAREER – Launch, Grow, Connect. The upcoming GIG event on May 17 is titled, GIG2CAREER – Innovate, Influence, Disrupt. The event will feature multiple workshops led by entrepreneurs, networking opportunities, keynote speakers and special surprises. Attendees will include students, faculty, community members and aspiring entrepreneurs. If this GIG2CARRER comes even close to the March event it will be a fantastic event for those who attend.

Entrepreneur Network of Los Angeles

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